Auricular Therapy

Your Ear is Connected to every part of your body

Auricular Therapy is often confused with ear acupuncture but it uses no needles, and instead of “meridians” uses nerve connections. A micro-current stimulator is placed on reflex points on the outside of the ear. These points then send a message to the brain based on the location of the reflex point being treated. Most people feel only a tiny tingling at the ear reflex points during treatment. This noninvasive micro-stimulation to specific points in the ear to treat a variety of health conditions, such as:

THIS TREAMENT can help with

what people say

Shoulder and Hip Pain

Before I came to WWC I had a lot of pain in my shoulders and hips, and was finding it very difficult to roll over at night and get a good night’s rest. Since I have been treated at Wholistic Wellness I am able to roll over with no issues and sleeping through the night with no pain at all.

Lower back, hip, knee and neck pain

Prior to chiropractic care and using Calcium Lactate, Patrick had lower back, hip, knee and neck pain such that it interfered with daily activity and sleep. After care, his pain has been reduced to the point where he no longer complains and he is able to participate in physical activity with no discomfort. Patrick was a competitive gymnast for 4 years and due to his painful joints had difficulty participating in other sports. He now enjoys football, baseball, golf and tennis with no discomfort.

Back and Leg Pain

I have been seeing Dr. Cooper since she was in her 2nd Ave. office, about 10 years. When I started I was almost to the point of having to stop with most of my exercising. I jogged and ran road races and cycled. My back and legs were so bad I could barely continue. After working with her I have gotten back into all the things I enjoy. I have even added to the list. All of this is an introduction to tell about her latest “miracle”. I had been training to attempt my first triathlon for 6 months. The Monday before the event, which was to be on Saturday, I strained my back while lifting weights. Dr. Cooper saw me that day and again on Thursday of that week for adjustments and did a myo-fascial treatment on Friday. On Saturday I was able to compete in the triathlon with very little discomfort. Thank you Dr. Cooper and staff.

Emotional Blocks Held Me Back

NET has helped me be a better soccer player and not be so mad at my mom all the time. It has helped me “release” emotions that I didn’t even know were locked in my body and making me react in a certain way. I had lots of emotions about being adopted and thinking my birth parents didn’t want me to be a part of their team. That was my “emotional reality”. That means it doesn’t have to be really true, it is just what my mind thinks is true for me. NET has helped me be OK with being part of a team whether that is my family or my sport or my friends. I got rid of the emotions and that stopped them from coming back to haunt me.

Doing NET with Terri has helped me in all the sports I play. One of the ways she helped was to be OK with myself if I didn’t make the team and if I did make the team. Also, that I would be OK if I didn’t play as much as others. This fall as part of my team thing Terri came and helped my whole soccer team before we played in this year’s State Cup. It was amazing and made believers out of my friends. Our team had lots of issues. We had friends and teammates leave, we were angry, we’d had a terrible season and could not act like a team if it killed us. With a little NET she helped all of us get OK with our ball, let our lost teammates go in peace, get over our mad and believe we were a winning team. We played fantastic soccer that weekend. We played as a team. And we played great. We took 2nd place, but we played with positive energy and we played as a team. Before the NET we were mentally defeated. NET helped our play because we knew we’d be OK whether we won or we lost. And we were.

Athletic Performance / Aches and Pains

I am now 18 years old, and I have been an athlete for as long as I can remember. With being so active almost 365 days a year, I have acquired my fair share of aches and pains. The doctors and physical therapists that I have seen throughout the years have all wanted to help me out, but I never received any type of caring and treatment like what I received with Wholistic Wellness. On my very first visit with Dr. Cooper, she sat me down along with my mom and took a solid 20-30 minutes to explain to us how the body functions together and how slight variations in the structure can make a huge impact on our body’s potential to function (something no other doctor had ever taken the time to do). I had come to see Dr. Cooper for a pulled hamstring. I had pulled the same muscle the previous year to about the same severity, and I was extremely skeptical because it had taken me about two months to get it healed with the physical therapist I had been seeing. But, this time was a little different. There was only two weeks until my district track meet, which I had to run in to qualify for state. After my first visit with Dr. Cooper, I left her office feeling twenty times better than I ever could’ve imagined. I was still extremely reluctant to believe I could be back running in time, but that all changed when I was able to suit up and run in the meet two weeks later. Until now, I had never even considered or heard of the use of chiropractic as a physical therapy method. The only use I knew for chiropractic was to help people with bad backs. Now, my eyes have been opened to the wonders that they can do, and I see no need in seeing a doctor/physical therapist for any injuries I come across because I know who can help me the most. Thanks Dr. Cooper, you have really opened my eyes to something I don’t know how I used to live without.

Back Pain Gone

Hey! This is Josie (Coe College freshmen XC runner) I just wanted to give you an update! Yesterday (Tuesday) I ran five miles, because the coach told me seven was to much to just jump right back into after two and a half weeks of not running:) it felt soooooooooooooo much better! It was still extremely stiff on my right side but the pain in my back was gone! Today I ran a tempo run for twenty minutes and it was brutal only because I just need to get back into a rhythm. Once again my right side hip/quad were very stiff, but I can totally live with that! OK I just wanted to state the facts: I could not run for two and a half weeks while working with the trainers. The whole time asking them, “do you think I should go see a Ciro?” or “are you sure I shouldn’t go see a Ciro?” but really…. and for two and a half weeks I so NO improvement! Finally, out of frustration, I decided to go anyway and through a family friend I was recommended to you….and within two days I was running…yeah… I just wanted to say thanks! I was really nervous about going to a new Ciro because I really like the one I went to in my home town. However, you and the people you work with are awesome and I really appreciate how you worked me into the schedule even though I was a new patient! So once again thank you for getting me back into to running so fast! Thanks,

Increased Sportsmanship

My 8-year-old was having a problem with sportsmanship. He would cry and throw a fit if he didn’t win every game he played. I tried for years to help him deal with losing but nothing worked. After just one NET session with Dr. Cooper, he’s no longer a “sore loser”. Now, there’s no pouting or anything! I wouldn’t believe it unless I experienced the difference myself.

Helped My Daughter and I Feel Better

Within the first few hours after my first appointment my daughter and I were feeling extremely better, I had a cough that lingered and after Julie’s help and a few supplements it was gone. My daughter and I have cut our doses in half twice and will be doing so again in the next day or so with the rate we are improving! So thank you again! We are blessed to have access to such wonderful healthcare where healthy is making the body well and not just covering up symptoms and creating superbugs with antibiotics. I don’t know why I am always in awe of how you and your clinic are able to help our bodies heal better and faster but it still amazes me! We are so thankful for your skill and knowledge of how to best help our bodies. Thank you thank you thank you!

Doctor’s Couldn’t Help

I came to Dr Cooper in March of 2006 after the Dr’s had exhausted all the antibiotics trying to cure a cough & sinus infection, which I had since Nov 2005. Dr Cooper and her staff are highly trained in healing the body in a natural way without side affects from damaging drugs. She is more than a Dr…….she wants to do all she can to help each individual that enters her clinic by being caring, patient & kind. She has become a special person to me and I now call her my friend.

Headaches and Sinus Infections Gone

I just want you to know how much you and your staff have helped me to feel better and make healthy changes in my life. I feel great. My headaches and sinus infections are gone. My ASERT appointments have eliminated my allergies. This spring I haven’t experienced any allergy symptoms or sinus infections. I have given up soda for water, and I am exercising regularly. With my physical health in check, I have been able to focus more on my emotional well being. You have helped me there as well. My experiences with NET have helped me with some difficult decisions, and I feel more confident and happy as a result. What’s more, I feel I have made some great friends in you and your staff.

Staying Healthy

I am amazed how good I have felt the last six months since I started seeing you. I have always gotten colds and other illnesses easily. I have not been sick once in the last six months. My quality of life both physically and emotionally has improved vastly over the last months. Now when I don’t feel well I know I have an option to just living with it. I wish everyone I know could have the same experience and feel as good as I do (most of the time). I started acupuncture and NET to improve our chances of having a child. We have not been blessed with getting pregnant, but Adam and I have both found something very valuable in your treatments. We have a deeper understanding of ourselves and each other and I feel centered and healthy. I’m not sure I knew what good health felt like before. Thank you for your care and compassion. I am so glad we met.

Anxious, Trouble Staying Focused

I was having trouble staying focused, feeling anxious and nauseated, and having issues with my stomach and digestion. After spending time with Dr. Cooper at Wholistic Wellness my energy level is ten times better, my stomach issues are almost completely resolved and my nauseated feelings are gone.

Alleviated Stress

Attending the trigger point class last month reaffirmed the reason as to why we need to take care of our bodies on a deeper level. I’m a male in my mid 20’s and exercise on a routinely basis. My day job consists of sitting at a desk and periodically attending meetings. Before becoming a patient at Wholistic Wellness Clinic, I had no idea how much stress I carried throughout my body, and how tight my muscles were. This class also taught me how to loosen key tight muscles and in doing so it helps alleviate stress! I look forward to other ways I can improve my health, not just through exercising and eating, but in a holistic manner.

More Positive, Alive and Happy

It is now the fourth day after returning home from the Net Retreat. I had a great time while I was in Florida. There were so many positive, enlightening experiences it is difficult to put into words. When others ask me how it was I say, “It was all about me and it was great!!” How many times in life can we really say we’ve done something just for ourselves? I’ve come back so positive, so much more alive, and so happy and I’m not normally one you would refer to as happy. The strongest impression is “I am loved”. If you had asked to say or write that ever before I wouldn’t have been able to do it because I didn’t believe the statement to be true. Net has made such a difference in my life, my husband offered to pay for monthly sessions as an anniversary present because he felt it helped me so much. I’ve been seeing Terri for almost 2 years working on and off until last April when my husband made the monthly offer. I’ve changed dramatically since that time. No other process has helped me as much as NET and Terri’s talent to get to the core of a problem.

Standing On Solid Ground

I’m just sitting here thinking how much my life has changed since I first came to you for treatment. I have never known this level of being okay in the world. You have definitely changed my life in a huge way. I feel like I’ve stepped off a fear and anxiety tilt-a-whirl ride at a circus. It feels pretty cool to stand on solid ground and look forward. Thank you!

NET Retreat Changed Me

As I looked out this morning to more SNOW, I remember how it felt just a month ago to have the sun on our bones. I’ve also been thinking a lot about the retreat and the changes it’s brought to me. I struggle to explain N.E.T. to someone who doesn’t understand it, so I generally just say that it’s a mechanism to allow you to shine the light in your anxiety closet, examine a few things and process them–or not (that’s okay too). But the examination process addresses them and seems to take away some of their power—that free-floating, overwhelming angst that keeps you in the same place. That’s one part of the equation. I like Terri’s analogy of everything working together like musical notes.

Acid Reflux – Energy Level – Night Sweats

I have had chronic acid reflux for years and was taking medications and also having night sweats. After spending some time at Wholistic Wellness my energy level has improved tremendously and my acid reflux is almost all gone. Plus, no more night sweats.

Low Energy, Body Aches, Severe Periods

Having very low energy, constant body aches, and severe periods were my main complaints before coming to Wholistic Wellness. After seeing Dr. Cooper I have much more energy, little to no body aches, and my periods have been getting less and less severe. I finally feel like a normal person, and love having a healthy routine lifestyle. Dr. Cooper has changed my life!

Nauseated Due To Pregnancy

I was extremely nauseated due to being a few weeks pregnant, and taking prescription medication twice a day. After seeing Dr. Cooper for an adjustment, brief emotional work, and acupuncture I became significantly better. No more feeling nauseated, and there was no need to take my prescription medication. Thank you Dr. Copper and the staff at Wholistic Wellness.

Clearer Thinking, More Energy

I have always worked out 5-6 times a week and tried my best to eat healthy – fruits, vegetables, chicken, less red meat, drinking lots of water and no caffeine. Going in for adjustments and seeing the information on the Purification program had always sparked my interest of what could it do for me. I know some people use it as a means to jump start a new stage in life for losing weight and changing their diet and how they feel. After careful consideration of what it would take from me, I signed up. My willpower to stay dedicated to something is pretty good so my husband says :-). I signed up for the full 21 day program. It started out pretty easy for me as I cannot have caffeine due to its effects of muscle aches and headaches so that part was easy. The eating of fruits and vegetable the same. As I continued through the program and tracking my food, how I felt etc – I began to feel more aware of my surroundings and my body. After getting rid of the “toxins” that were sitting around inside me, I was able to think clearer, had more energy and a new appreciate for food and its taste and benefits

More Energy, No Grogginess, Less Anxious and Stressed

Just wanted to let you know I am feeling better since starting on the metals. I am up in the morning without grogginess. Seem to have more energy. Continuing to pay attention to myself and diet a little more. Not feeling as anxious and stressed about EVERYTHING that goes on in my life. Thanks!

More Control, Changed Perspective

The greatest thing about NET for me, was realizing that I was now in control. NET has helped me and my family change the way we relate to each other. It’s like we all finally “get it”. NET helped me see the “big picture” in my life, and has changed the way I respond to my life and the people in it.

Whole New Outlook On Life

I’m feeling great, Dr. Cooper. Life has never been better. I have a whole new outlook on life and its prospects are exciting for the first time in my life! I’m able to live and take each day as it comes with peace and calm. Amazing! I don’t worry or stew about those things which I have no control or the things scheduled to happen in the future. My “professional” life along with my personal life, as you know, was full of constant anxiety and fear. Now it just is what it is. I’m performing my tasks more quickly and using my skills more confidently and proficiently. My faith is stronger than ever. I’m quickly learning to trust my guides and spirits and really listen to and see what they have to show me. I see signs all the time and I meditate and pray routinely now. I have a personal active relationship with my guides and spirits and I have no problem asking for help from them and the universe! We make agreements almost daily and it makes my confidence soar because they never let me down. There are messages and meaning in the most surprising places!


Resolving Past Issues and Events

Dr Terri Cooper does some amazing work with ERT (Emotional Release Technique). We have been amazed at the issues that come up and the connections they have to our current dilemmas. Events and situations that took place in our past shape our responses to current events. Uncoupling from the energy of those early events helps us to deal with our present from our current perspective rather than from the perspective of a younger person. Energy spikes that have been resulting are absolutely removed. Issues that have been dealt with in past sessions center around concepts like adequacy, elimination, health. We have been amazed at the effect these concepts have unknowingly had on our lives and are very pleased with the results that are taking place. Our lives are cleaning up in many ways, not just in accumulation of bodily weight.

Child Sleeping Better, Less Outbursts

The supplements are going well, I have been putting the bifidus and the crushed tablets in about two tablespoons of applesauce and he doesn’t even notice. He even drank some almond milk last night and seemed to enjoy it. I couldn’t believe how good it was too. I am not a huge milk drinker, so I think I will switch as well.

The best thing I have noticed with him is that he is sleeping better already! Monday he took a three hour nap, he has NEVER done that before. And he went to bed that night just fine and slept the whole night-again something that has rarely been done with him. Tuesday and Wednesday he took a two hour nap and slept through the night as well so that is a relief to me. I know he has not been getting adequate rest. I have also noticed a huge change in his behavior. Not that he was a “naughty” child before, but he seems to have a longer attention span now when reading and playing and having less temper outbursts. Thanks so much for taking such good care of Harper. I am hoping with this new diet will help his body be more healthy and strong!


Weight Gain, Lack of Energy, Cravings

I have been 15-20 pounds overweight and had lost all my energy, plus my blood pressure was slowing rising. Now that I have been seen at Wholistic Wellness I have lost ten pounds and have controlled my weight thanks to Julie, the Nutrition Specialist. Learning about portion control, and proper foods to maintain a healthy lifestyle has given me the opportunity to begin an exercise program plus my energy level is much better. My body feels healthier and I don’t crave junk food anymore. Working with Julie has made it easy and enjoyable to become healthy again.

Joints Feel Better, Lost Weight

Hello! The cleanse went great…lost 5 pounds, but more importantly to me, my finger joints feel so much better, and the difference in my left thumb is very visible. And, as a fun side benefit, I got used to and loved making smoothies. My “special” is: combo of OJ and pomegranate juice for the liquid, ice cubes and a couple of frozen strawberries crushed, the powder, the flax oil, 1/2 banana and fresh raspberries. Oh my god it is so good!!!

Losing Weight

My experience at Wholistic Wellness Clinic has been extremely positive and successful. The doctors are extremely patient and knowledgeable. Having tried to lose weight before I was skeptical about having any success. In my first visit they asked me about my goals, they pinpointed items that were hindering me, and they discussed with me ways to resolve them. Every visit I get encouragement and praise as well as learn something new. After two months I am on target, but more importantly I’m in the right mind set that is allowing me to lose weight.

No More Allergy Shots, Medications, Inhaler

I was taking daily allergy medication and using an inhaler to control my allergies before I came into Wholistic Wellness. After having three treatments (with the ASA Allergy Laser) I didn’t need to take allergy shots, medication, or use my inhaler. I feel great and have lost many of my symptoms, I love it!

Migraines and Sinus Issues Gone, Energy Increased

My daughter was dealing with migraines weekly due to her allergies. She was miserable, having sinus issues and missing school weekly. Now after three treatments from the “magical scan” (ASA Allergy Laser), her energy is balanced and she has fewer and fewer migraines. I admit I was a little skeptical at first, but with changes in her diet for food sensitivities she is able to control how she feels. I truly am grateful for your knowledge in how the body works and reacts to certain foods. So glad you were able to help us. I will not hesitate to call in the spring just in case we need a tune up. Thanks for all you have done!! The 2 hour drive was worth it!

Headaches, Sinus Infections are Gone

I just want you to know how much you and your staff have helped me to feel better and make healthy changes in my life. I feel great. My headaches and sinus infections are gone. My ASERT appointments have eliminated my allergies. This spring I haven’t experienced any allergy symptoms or sinus infections. I have given up soda for water, and I am exercising regularly. With my physical health in check, I have been able to focus more on my emotional well being. You have helped me there as well. My experiences with NET have helped me with some difficult decisions, and I feel more confident and happy as a result. What’s more, I feel I have made some great friends in you and your staff.

Leg and Arm No Longer Itches

Dr. Cooper the first photo is a picture of my leg before the ASA treatment. The second photo shows the improvement a week later after 3 ASA treatments. The redness is about all gone and it no longer itches. Thanks for the treatments. I will follow up with similar pictures of my arm using the same treatment. View photos (pdf)

Stopped Smoking, Energy Better, Sleeping All Night

I used to smoke a half pack a day, have trouble sleeping, and had headaches all day long. After the help of Wholistic Wellness I don’t smoke at ALL, have been sleeping all night, and even have the energy to start running again.

Brain Fog, Insomnia, Abnormal Bowels

Brain fog, unable to sleep, heat strokes, and abnormal bowels were part of my everyday routine before I was treated at Wholistic Wellness, after a few treatments I can think much clearer, I am able to be outside in the humidity without any effects, and my bowel movements have become normal.

Headaches Gone!

I know I “whine” sometimes when you are working your magic on me, but I felt so much better today after leaving the office. Within an hour, I had “dumped” the garbage (twice, to be exact!) and my headache/heaviness on the left side of my head was gone! I have not had a headache all day! Thanks for all that you do for your patients!

Crohn’s Disease

Dr. Terri Cooper and NET changed my life. After living with Crohn’s Disease for almost four years, I had lost hope in ever having a regular life. My body was reacting negatively to Western Medicine, and I had researched (and participated in) various forms of alternative medicine. After hooking up with Dr. Cooper in March of 2005, I found improvement within a week’s time of intense treatment. She offered solutions that were never presented to me before. Dr. Cooper listened to my concerns, explained her theories, and did everything in her power to improve the quality of my life. I don’t know where I would be without her.

Night Sweats and Hot Flashes

Dear Dr. Cooper and Staff, As you know, I had been suffering from night sweats and hot flashes for several years. I was waking up every hour all night long with severe hot flashes until you had me start taking supplemental hormones. I am so happy to say that after only 2 weeks on these hormones, they were cut in half and now after 3 weeks I am happy to report that I only have one during the night and one or two during the daytime. I’m guessing that in about one week or less, I will no longer have any night sweats or hot flashes at all. I can not thank you and your staff enough for all the help that you have given me. I would also like to thank Dr. Robin for helping me with my sinuses. I used to have sinus infection off and on all year round and I have not had a sinus infection since I have started coming to WWC in May. You guys are the best! Thanks again, all of you, for helping me sleep better at night and for making my quality of life so much better.

Both Have Unexplained Fertility Issues – Pregnancy

My husband and I always wanted a big family, so naturally we started trying to conceive as soon as the honeymoon started. We were young, healthy, active individuals and I had a child from a previous marriage, so we had no reason to believe we wouldn’t get pregnant right away. After several months and no luck, we decided to seek professional help. We quickly learned that we both have “unexplained” fertility issues that deem us unable to conceive children without the help of In-Vitro Fertilization. It was an arduous process, but we were blessed our first try at it, and welcomed a baby girl into our family in May of 2007. We had hoped for siblings close in age, so when she was still an infant we attempted another IVF cycle. We got pregnant, but suffered a devastating early miscarriage. No medical explanation for our loss could be found, so we regrouped and tried again with IVF#3 a couple of months later. Again we got pregnant, and again we miscarried. On to IVF#4, which resulted in a negative pregnancy test—none of the embryos had even implanted. More doctors were consulted, more tests were run, and still no answers. We had been trying unsuccessfully for almost three years, with nothing but hospital bills to show for it. That’s when we took a long break from the “specialists” and took a holistic approach to our fertility. We started a nutrition regimen and acupuncture with Dr. Cooper for several months leading up to what we planned would be our final attempt at IVF before seeking adoption. I truly believe that the care given by Dr. Cooper and her staff leading up to/and during our last IVF cycle was instrumental in our success. Not only did we create perfect, genetically normal embryos, but they BOTH implanted and we are now 5-months along in an uncomplicated and healthy pregnancy with fraternal twins. THANK YOU Dr. Cooper and staff for helping our dream come true!

You Helped Us Deliver A Miracle!

You have helped us deliver a miracle! Our baby boy was born, in an amazing delivery, on August 3rd. Without your knowledge, guidance, patience and caring, I have no doubt I would have be able to hold Sutton my arms now. Because I am 44 years old, the medical establishment gave me an extremely low chance of conceiving naturally. After 18 months of tests, procedures, hormones, treatments and disappointments, I sought out your opinion. With a realistic optimism, you began working your magic. You stuck with me, even when I was ready to quit. Three months later, I was pregnant. Obviously, thank you does not begin to cover it but if you can image our thanks multiplied a million times.. that is how grateful we are! God Bless you!

Positive Pregnancy Test After 1 Month

My husband and I each had children from previous marriages, but we wanted to have a child together. After trying unsuccessfully for a year, we broke down and went to see a doctor. After many tests–for each of us–we were told that it was very unlikely we’d be able to conceive a child. My husband’s sperm count was low, and I was older and not ovulating regularly. Enter Dr. Cooper who said, “What could it hurt to let me help you?” And, so it began–NET, muscle testing, vitamin deficiency testing, acupuncture, etc. Then, one month later—that couple that was categorized as “unlikely” found themselves staring at a positive pregnancy test. My husband couldn’t believe it. A test that is 99% accurate wasn’t good enough for him. Being a statistician by trade, he actually made me take the test not once, but three times!

Pregnant after 2 1/2 years of Doctor Care

My husband and I had been seeing a fertility specialist for 2 ½ years due to my diagnoses of PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) After 2 ½ years we still had not been able to conceive a child. We had several friends who were patients of Dr. Cooper for various other reasons and always commented on how acupuncture had worked for them. I began doing some reading and found that acupuncture had been found to help infertile couples. We decided that it couldn’t hurt; we were at point where we were ready to give up the dream of having our own biological child and begin the process to adopt. I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Cooper in April and was pregnant by the end of June. I continued my acupuncture and chiropractic therapy during my entire pregnancy. I had a very normal and easy pregnancy. My labor was very short, 2 hours of hard labor, which is very unusual for first time moms. I feel it was a result of the acupuncture and chiropractic therapy that I received during my pregnancy. Our daughter was born this past March and is healthy beautiful girl. Without Dr. Coopers combined treatment using N.E.T, Acupuncture, Nutrition and Chiropractic therapy, I truly believe we would never have had our own child. With N.E.T., I was able to realize there were emotional reasons behind why I had not been able to get pregnant, once we worked through those issues and I was on a regular regime of acupuncture and chiropractic care we were able to conceive and have an easy pregnancy and labor.

Allergies Resolved – Finding the Root!

I started seeing Stacey for bumps on my chest and arms. After ASA treatments they decreased significantly.

Stacey’s additional work with muscle testing and supplements helped to clear them all up. I was barely bothered the last couple of years and haven’t had to take allergy medicine during the peak season. Thanks, Stacey!

Crohn’s Clinical Remission

I write this 90 days from when I first walked in the front door. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s 2.5 years ago. I had major fatigue, exhaustion, inflammation, some brain fog, and bloating. I have dealt with bloating for years. I’m an avid runner but never looked it in the mid section because of bloating and what I know now as stress belly.

I had researched and been practicing good things to help heal me since my diagnosis in 2018. Julie and Dr. Cooper tweaked some of the things I had been doing to really maximize my healing. They also introduced a few other techniques that has really gotten my body to a state of healing. 2.5 years after my diagnosis, I am in clinical remission! This comes within 90 days of working with Julie and Dr. Cooper. I’m so glad I called and scheduled that 1st meeting!

Chronic Headaches – GONE!

I ended up going to see [a friend] last weekend and we were crazy busy. I made it home late Sunday night, absolutely exhausted, and was so worried I’d wake up Monday with a headache because that’s been my life for so long. But… I DIDN’T HAVE A HEADACHE WHEN I WOKE UP!!! It’s so nice to not have pain and I thank you for always taking such good care of me!

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