Crohn’s Clinical Remission

I write this 90 days from when I first walked in the front door. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s 2.5 years ago. I had major fatigue, exhaustion, inflammation, some brain fog, and bloating. I have dealt with bloating for years. I’m an avid runner but never looked it in the mid section because of bloating and what I know now as stress belly.

I had researched and been practicing good things to help heal me since my diagnosis in 2018. Julie and Dr. Cooper tweaked some of the things I had been doing to really maximize my healing. They also introduced a few other techniques that has really gotten my body to a state of healing. 2.5 years after my diagnosis, I am in clinical remission! This comes within 90 days of working with Julie and Dr. Cooper. I’m so glad I called and scheduled that 1st meeting!