Emotional Blocks Held Me Back

NET has helped me be a better soccer player and not be so mad at my mom all the time. It has helped me “release” emotions that I didn’t even know were locked in my body and making me react in a certain way. I had lots of emotions about being adopted and thinking my birth parents didn’t want me to be a part of their team. That was my “emotional reality”. That means it doesn’t have to be really true, it is just what my mind thinks is true for me. NET has helped me be OK with being part of a team whether that is my family or my sport or my friends. I got rid of the emotions and that stopped them from coming back to haunt me.

Doing NET with Terri has helped me in all the sports I play. One of the ways she helped was to be OK with myself if I didn’t make the team and if I did make the team. Also, that I would be OK if I didn’t play as much as others. This fall as part of my team thing Terri came and helped my whole soccer team before we played in this year’s State Cup. It was amazing and made believers out of my friends. Our team had lots of issues. We had friends and teammates leave, we were angry, we’d had a terrible season and could not act like a team if it killed us. With a little NET she helped all of us get OK with our ball, let our lost teammates go in peace, get over our mad and believe we were a winning team. We played fantastic soccer that weekend. We played as a team. And we played great. We took 2nd place, but we played with positive energy and we played as a team. Before the NET we were mentally defeated. NET helped our play because we knew we’d be OK whether we won or we lost. And we were.